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Ammunition For Sale

Ammunition For Sale.

There are a couple of reasons why someone might want to carry a 22LR for self-defense including extreme recoil sensitivity, as a backup gun, or perhaps it’s all you have access to for the time being. However, there are specific handguns designed for personal defense like the High Standard derringer and the Davis DM-22 derringer pistols. These guns are extremely compact and are capable of being concealed in the smallest of pockets making them more discreet than many traditional designs. For today, we’re going to be testing the performance, and accuracy of Federal Punch 22LR Personal Defense using 4 different pistols from my current inventory and we’ll see how the ammo measures up to its claims on the box.

I brought a couple of boxes of Federal Punch 22LR Personal Defense ammo along with my Taurus 942 with a 2-inch barrel, Ruger LCP II Lite Rack with a 2.75-inch barrel, SIG P322 with a 4-inch barrel, and my raced out Ruger MKIV with a 4.4-inch barrel length.

For each pistol, I followed the same protocol and shot 5-rounds from 10 feet using a pair of calibrated homemade ballistics gelatin blocks. Each set of shots was shot through a chronograph to gather velocity data and I retrieved as many rounds as I could. I did two additional tests using only the LCP II Lite Rack and Ruger MKIV in order to test the performance of the bullets through 4-layers of shop towels to simulate clothing but we’ll go over those results when we get to them.

Before I did any of my ballistic tests, I first did a quick set of accuracy tests using the LCP II Lite Rack and the Ruger MK IV. These accuracy tests were done from a distance of 7-yards and as you can see below, the results are pretty promising. The Ruger LCP II Lite Rack doesn’t have the best trigger and I’m also not a terrific shot with it so that’s not a knock against the pistol or the ammunition. You can also see that the top group (shot with the MKIV) is much tighter and this indicates to me that the ammunition is at least consistent enough to form very tight groups at close range.

Accuracy at short range is important for a personal defense cartridge as no matter what caliber or cartridge you’re defending yourself with, it has been stressed time and again that shot placement is king over all other factors. So as far as accuracy goes, you can be confident that Federal Punch 22LR is more than capable of producing consistent tight groups at average self-defense ranges.


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